Welcome to PEI Land For Sale By Owner.

If you have never been to Prince Edward Island (or as islanders call it PEI or island) you will be mesmerized by the shear beauty of where we live. Wheather you fly to PEI or drive, your first look will be captivating. The red soil, green patch work of crops and the blue of the water that surrounds us will keep your eyes busy trying to take it all in... It's what we call our patchwork quilts. Islanders pass their winters away creating beautiful quits that reflect the island landscape.

Visiting the island is like going back to a life where there is no hussle or bussle, in other words going back in time!. The islanders are noted for their kindness and friendly ways who go out of their way to make you feel right at home. Those that visit want to live here or at least "Own a bit of heaven".